Sonic co-creator erases other Sonic co-creator from old photo

(Image credit: Yuji Naka) In a bizarre move Sonic co-creator and former head of Sonic Team Yuji Naka has shared an old photograph in which his former colleague Naoto Ohshima has been blocked-out. Ohshima is regarded as the co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, having come up with the character’s visual design based on a Naka-programmed tech demo

EU tells big companies to make it easier to get rid of pre-installed software or pay up

(Image credit: Getty, Tatyana Aksenova / EyeEm) The EU has had enough of the “Wild West” currently enjoyed by online companies, including those pesky social media types, and so has introduced a number of new rules that they will need to adhere to. Two new acts have been introduced (opens in new tab) to address the social and economic e

Riot to increase price of League of Legends microtransactions worldwide

(Image credit: Riot) Riot has announced that it’s soon going to increase the price of League of Legends’ in-game currencies (opens in new tab). From August 19 the prices of RP and TFT coins will increase in “most” regions in which the game operates, and the publisher has a laundry list of reasons why: “worldwide infla

The Raspberry Pi Pico W brings wireless functionality to this tiny computer

(Image credit: Raspberry Pi ) When you think back to the early days of electronic computing with rooms full of house sized units to do what we’d now consider fairly basic tasks, tiny cheap computers are nothing short of amazing. Sure, we live in an age where everyone has a super beast in their pocket that can do miraculous things. But these

My return to Elden Ring has turned me into a crafty little rat

(Image credit: From Software) Tragically, I have returned to The Lands Between. After burning through every single possible loose end (and killing a lot of players underground), I put my main character to rest after 160 hours. I was ready to be done with the game. Two months later, however, I felt the call of the Elden Ring once more. But figuring

9 things you probably don’t know about Elden Ring

(Image credit: FromSoftware) I’ve played something like 100 hours of Elden Ring, and yet I feel like you could still fill a book with things I don’t know about it. It’s a huge game, full of developer FromSoftware’s usual cryptic lore, and subtle touches that would still be easy to miss in a game a 10th its size.  Even

Final Fantasy 14 roleplaying server currently under the protection of a catgirl army

(Image credit: LotusBerserker) A wall of armed catgirls (opens in new tab) stand at the entrance of Ul’dah. This border wall of fur appears to be blocking outsiders from entering one of the most notorious servers in Final Fantasy 14, but it’s also a playful form of greeting. Player-tourists are waiting in queues of up to 30 minutes (op

Forspoken’s delay to 2023 means DirectStorage could still be a long way off

(Image credit: Square Enix) Well, it seems like the developers of Forspoken spoke too soon about its release date. Forspoken has been delayed to January, which means we’re waiting longer to see DirectStorage in action on Windows 11 PCs.  DirectStorage is Microsoft’s name for the Windows version of the software interface it uses to

Marvel’s Avengers designer looks on helplessly as streamer leaks next hero reveal

(Image credit: Disney) Marvel’s Avengers (opens in new tab) just cannot seem to catch a break. It’s been through a lot over the past couple of years—ugly bugs, a paid booster debacle, sass from Square Enix, and an average concurrent player count that hasn’t come close to breaking triple digits since mid-2021—and now i

Lollipop Chainsaw is getting a remake next year

(Image credit: Dragami Games) After vaguely announcing in June that Lollipop Chainsaw was “back,” (opens in new tab) we now have confirmation that a remake is in the works and set to release sometime next year. Yoshimi Yasuda, former CEO of Kadokawa Games and producer on the original Lollipop Chainsaw, is returning to remake the game u

Wordle today: Tuesday, July 5 answer and hint

(Image credit: Nurphoto via Getty) Let me help you solve your daily Wordle puzzle. Whether you want a clue for today’s quiz or just the answer to the July 5 (381) Wordle, I’ve got all the hints and tips you need. It’s funny how one green letter in the right place can make all the difference, isn’t it? Like a solid key in a

Pimax’s 8K VR headsets just got a 120Hz upgrade

(Image credit: ©Pimax) Pimax has increased the refresh rate of its Pimax 8KX headsets from 90Hz to 120Hz. When Pimax refers to a headset as 8K, it means that the two screens for each eye make up the total. This means this headset actually has a resolution of about 4k per eye, which is still pretty insane. These Pimax headsets also support the

Take-Two sends a DMCA claim over GTA5, RDR2, and Mafia VR mods

(Image credit: Take-Two Interactive) Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has sent a DMCA takedown to the modder responsible for making Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the complete Mafia trilogy playable in VR. As modder Luke Ross explained on Patreon (opens in new tab), “They are demanding that I remove all th