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2 days ago
Matt Bailey

The Last Of Us on HBO has secured 8.2 million viewers following Sunday night’s airing of the show’s ninth and final episode. As confirmed in a report from Warner Media, the ratings account for viewers across HBO Max and linear telecasts, as accumulated by Nielsen and first-party information. Compared to the series premiere, the finale audience rocketed by 75%. Across the first six episodes of the series, it is reported that The Last Of Us is now averaging a staggering 30.4 million viewers. 

Episode 1 has attracted almost 40 million viewers in the U.S. alone. If these figures aren’t impressive enough, The Last Of Us became the most-watched series on HBO Max across Europe and Latin America. From week to week, the series has steadily gained popularity with audiences and seen continuous growth in viewership. Episode 1 debuted with 4.7 million viewers tuning in. The rapid rise in viewership has it competing with, and even overshadowing in some metrics, HBO s House of the Dragon.

Joel and Ellie - The Last Of Us.Joel and Ellie led the show to its emotional conclusion.

It was 5.7 million the week after for Episode 2, 6.4 million for the tragic Bill and Frank story, and on to 7.5 million in week four. Across three days, Episode 5 drew in 11.6 million viewers, thanks to an early premiere. The viewership during the back half of the series continued to draw in record numbers in the lead-up to the finale. This franchise success hasn t just been confined to the TV space though. The popularity of The Last Of Us translates into sales for the video game, after the series occupied several spots across the PSN charts throughout February.

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