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2 days ago
Matt Bailey

Will it be The Last of Us Part III? This is the burning question, and one Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckmann, has yet to answer. In an interview with Kinda Funny, Druckmann said that the drive and passion for a video game concept should dictate what they create next and remained tight-lipped on whether The Last of Us Part III would ever come to be. Druckmann did, however, confirm that the studio was already developing its next project.

“That s the fire that has to sustain for years to come, and if you pick the wrong project and then you burn out on that idea because you weren t that passionate about it two years into a four year project, you re f*cked. I think that s how you make mediocre anything, if you lose your excitement for it.”

The Last Of Us Part II.Naughty Dog s last game was the thought-provoking The Last of Us Part II.

Druckmann said he was aware that “the fans really want The Last of Us Part III, I hear about it all the time, and all I can say is we re that we re already into our next project. The decision has already been made.” Naturally, this was all Druckmann would disclose about the future project. “I can t say what it is but that s the process we went through. There s a lot of consideration of different things, and we picked the thing we re most excited for.”

The prospect of a third game in the post-pandemic series has attracted interest from Laura Bailey, who wanted to reprise her role as Abby in a threequel. Speculation has even led one industry insider to threaten to reveal details of Naughty Dog’s next title if they didn’t receive early access to the HBO series. They suggested, without confirmation, that Part III was in production.

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